We Tested 7 High-Tech Fluid Foundations: Here Are the Best

We’ve been wondering about High-Tech Foundations and thanks to Fashionistia’s Cheryl Wischhover and Chantal Fernandez, we can wonder no longer. Here’s the low-down:

“Move over, thick, cakey, traditional liquid foundation — there’s a new, sleek alternative in town: Meet the fluid foundation.

If you’re one of the many who’s helped make Armani Maestro into the cult product that it’s become, then this isn’t a new concept for you. What is new, is that pretty much every cosmetics company out there at every single price point has hopped on the dropper foundation bandwagon and released one recently. We decided it was high time to get out of our BB cream-induced haze and try these suckers out. Chantal and I — who each have our own unique skin issues – tried out a slew of them, and are here to report on our experiences.

But first off, the stats. Fluid foundations generally come in much smaller bottles than traditional foundations — the bottles remind me of the way serums are packaged. You’ll find them with dropper applicators, in bottles with dropper spouts, or in pump bottles. The fluid is watery and often described as a “fluid to powder” formulation. They run on the matte side, and are generally buildable. A lot of them contain SPF, but not all.”

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