Copy of Places to Visit: DOM Hotel Roma

One look at the elegant, modern, and timeless D.O.M Hotel located in the heart of Rome has us ready to book our next getaway.

From D.O.M Hotel:

Situated in the heart of Papal Rome, D.O.M is a 5 star luxury hotel set in a 17th Century aristocratic palace with 18 rooms including 1 D.O.M Suite with a private terrace of 250 sq.ft.

The hotel is located in Via Giulia, one of the most iconic streets of the eternal city’s centre and can be conveniently found between Piazza Navona, Piazza Farnese, Trastevere, the ‘Ghetto’ neighborhood and St. Peter’s basilica, being the ideal choice for travellers who intend to savour the architectural beauty and artistic treasures of the rive droite of Rome.

D.O.M hotel emanates the atmosphere of an aristocratic household, a unique combination of that which is both sacred and luxurious: many original structural components, such as the exposed brick walls, coffered wooden ceilings and the blocks of marble with ancient religious inscriptions dating back to the Renaissance, were wisely retained and serve as a natural backdrop to the various pieces of both modern and vintage furniture, animalier details, and contemporary works of design and art including three original Andy Warhol silkscreens from the “Ladies and Gentlemen” series.

The sacredness of the environment exists in direct contrast with the cosmopolitan glamour of the hotel and this intentional dichotomy makes D.O.M Hotel unique in its genre: a metropolitan refuge capable of evoking nostalgia with its decadent ambiance typical of ancient Rome, while maintaining an international and transverse character.

The ambience is enriched by numerous works of art and carefully chosen elements of design. Each hotel’s area has been specifically designed, employing a contemporary style including elements of design and decorative art, while maintaining complete harmony with the original elements of the building. The hotel’s natural theme is nuanced by subtle shades of white, dove and tobacco. Along with with the oak floors and large stately mirrors, the living areas reflect a predominant Venetian style, which is one of the prevalent traits of the hotel’s furnishings. The intimate and relaxing atmosphere allows our guests to feel as if they are residing within a historic noble home.

To learn more and book your stay, visit D.O.M Hotel.

Images courtesy of D.O.M Hotel.



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